Talks & Interviews

Elisabeth Barrett

“Cultivating Creativity” interview with Elisabeth Barrett

Lynea interviews romance novelist Elisabeth Barrett, author of Christmas in Tahoe and the Star Harbor Series. In this interview, Elisabeth tells us how she made the leap from patent lawyer to romance novelist and provides useful tips on how to nurture one’s creativity while meeting the demands of a hectic life. Learn more about Elisabeth Barrett’s writing here:




“Love & Loss” interview with Uma Girish

Lynea interviews Uma Girish, Grief Guide, Dream Coach, and the author of Understanding Death: 10 Ways to Inner Peace and the forthcoming title Losing Amma, Finding Home: A Memoir of Love, Loss and Life’s Detours (Hay House: 2014). In this conversation, Uma shares wonderful insight into how we can meet the pain associated with grieving and, as the healing unfolds, use our losses as springboards to cultivate greater purpose and meaning in our lives. Learn more about Uma here:



“Branding from the Heart” interview with Julia Stege

Lynea interviews Julia Stege, The Magical Marketer, about her unique heart-centered approach to marketing. Julia discusses how you can move away from formulaic and uncomfortable sales gimmicks and, instead, express your Soul’s Purpose by “Branding from the Heart” — drawing your Soul Tribe to you by marketing what you truly love. She’ll also talk about a FREE training she’s offering on Thursday, February 13. Visit her site to learn more: “Branding Basics for Spiritual Businesswomen and Conscious Entrepreneurs”


Ken McLeod

“Compassion and Spiritual Practice” interview with Ken McLeod

Lynea interviews Ken McLeod, Buddhist teacher, translator, and author of Wake Up to Your Life and the recently published Reflections on Silver River. In this discussion, Lynea and Ken explore the role that compassion plays in spiritual practice and daily life and the idea, as Ken puts it, that “Compassion is more than just a feeling. It really is what we are.”




“Love and Nature” interview with Renée Soule

Lynea interviews ecopsychologist, writer and teacher, Renée Soule. A pioneer in the field of ecopsychology for over 25 years, Renée engages environmental crises as evolutionary forces for human and cultural growth. Today, we’ll explore how to bring more loving presence to the flow between ourselves and, in her words, “our more than human world.”



Teleclass: “Taking the Leap – Your First Steps to Freedom”

Do you have a sense of what you desire, but feel afraid to take action? Have you been holding yourself back or feel like your gifts aren’t being realized in the world? Do you have a dream that feels a little too much? Too different? Or that you’re a little crazy for wanting to create the life your dreams? Are you afraid you that you might not be able to do it, but refuse to hold yourself back anymore? In this teleclass, we cover the MOST POWERFUL ACTIONS you can take to clarify your desires and give yourself complete permission to create the life of your choosing.

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