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“The Fearless Focus Challenge for Entrepreneurs”

Have you ever asked yourself, how would my life be if I showed up fearlessly and fully committed in my business? Are you ready to move past self-sabotaging patterns and step powerfully into your potential as an entrepreneur? Do you wonder what amazing things would happen if you dissolved your limiting beliefs for once and for all?

The time has come to create a game plan for 2015 that will take you beyond fear and limitation!

In the webinar, I’ll share:

  • Three key conflicts that may be limiting your entrepreneurial power.
  • A simple exercise you can use to dissolve fear on the spot.
  • An inspirational template for your “2015 Big Vision Game Plan.”

Choose the Webinar Time That Works For You:
Thursday 1/8 @ 9:30am PST
Saturday 1/10 @ 9:30am PST
Tuesday 1/13 @ 12:00pm PST

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The entrepreneur’s path is filled with opportunity, abundance, and surprise. The breadth and depth of our opportunities, however, are driven by our ability to move beyond our limitations and the stories of our past and challenge our hearts and minds to GROW.

Attend the webinar and get ready to step into your entrepreneurial power!

Register here: The Fearless Focus Challenge for Entrepreneurs

I look forward to seeing you there. Until then, Speak Fire Alive!

Love & Light,

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