SPEAK FIRE ALIVE coaching services include:

  • Professional development and life purpose coaching.
  • Creative development and resolution of creative blocks.
  • Coaching to move past limiting beliefs and procrastination.
  • Professional presence and public speaking coaching for professionals.

When you coach with me, you will:

  • Move beyond old patterns of thinking that hold you back from expressing your truth and the power of your mission.
  • Identify a clear set of creative and business development goals that get you feeling inspired, excited, and driven.
  • Get your greatest ideas on paper and ready for execution or to present to potential clients, partners, or investors.
  • Have a problem-solving coach and ally who helps you stay on track and in alignment with yourself and your vision.
  • Master manifestation practices to attract the resources and opportunities you need to pursue your goals.
  • Make sense of and diminish feelings of distraction, overwhelm, and discouragement that come up along your journey.
  • Develop leadership and communications skills that support your values and allow you to feel authentic and at ease.

For an introduction to SPEAK FIRE ALIVE, I invite you to a 30-minute complimentary consultation session. Please sign up here to schedule a call.

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