About Lynea

Lynea NEWLynea Diaz-Hagan, MA, MFA
Empowerment & Creativity Coach

Lynea’s approach to working with clients is based on the idea that each of us knows, at our core, who we are and how we are meant to show up in the world, but that we rarely give ourselves the permission and internal freedom to access this meaningful awareness.

Using a combination of traditional coaching, guided meditation, creative visualization, writing exercises, mantra, and energy work, Lynea helps clients access their natural awareness, develop a sense of knowing and emotional clarity, and gently release the limiting beliefs that inhibit their personal, professional, and creative success.

Lynea’s coaching practice evolved from her communications and leadership consulting with executives and startup founders in Silicon Valley, where she has been supporting entrepreneurs since 2008. Wanting to develop a more embodied and metaphysical approach to entrepreneurship consulting, she founded Speak Fire Alive, LLC and began training in Emotional Freedom Techniques (“EFT” or “tapping” ) to help clients make faster progress towards their goals. She is currently completing certification in this modality and will offer a new series of EFT programs beginning in 2016.

In addition to her personal development and business background, Lynea brings nearly twenty years of artistic experience to her work with clients. She has an intimate understanding of the desires and concerns of creative professionals, as an artist herself and having worked with both aspiring and established filmmakers and theatrical producers including the Broadway producers of Chicago — The Musical and the film director Jonathan Demme. She is active in the Bay Area as a professional vocalist, lyricist, and multidisciplinary artist.

Deeply committed to education, Lynea launched a writing and educational consultancy, Windhorse Writing, in 2005 and is a consulting instructor and student mentor for the National University of Singapore’s entrepreneurship programs in San Francisco and New York. 

Lynea earned an M.F.A. in Screen­writ­ing from UCLA, an M.A. in Jazz Stud­ies (voice) from San Jose State University, and a B.A. in English from Yale University.

For more information about how we can work together, please visit the Coaching page or contact me online.

I look forward to hearing from you. It’s time to SPEAK FIRE ALIVE.


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